FAQs - Mugs

Information on promotional mugs including print and packaging options, shapes and designs and personalisation options.

Where can I print on a mug?

Mugs offer a large print area. Some clients opt for a single or multiple position imprint on one or more sides of the mug. What we can also offer with some mugs is a wrap or half-wrap imprint that literally runs front one side of the mug handle to the other.

What are the packing options for mugs?

Ceramic, earthenware and bone china mugs are by their vary nature a bit fragile to ship. The best way to ensure there are no breakages and to allow individual mugs to be handed out and transported safely is to go for individual packaging. This consists of a cardboard outer and polystyrene foam packing. The mugs are then packed into a larger cardboard box.

What shapes and designs are available?

We offer a wide variety of mug shapes and designs. For large quantities we can also offer custom / bespoke mug designs. What’s important is to choose a mug style that suits the purpose and client base. If you want to give a builder English tea then give them a large mug and not an Latte style mug.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) on mugs?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is usually fifty. However this depends on the style chosen, colour and branding selected. Some mug quantities are sold in a ‘bakers dozen’ so expect to see some odd quantity prices like ceramic mugs which can start at seventy two pieces. Sometimes we can provide a lower quantity than fifty, however this depends on the mug chosen. Please enquire for further details.

What personalisation options are available on mugs?

The main words used are ‘full wrap’ and ‘part wrap’. A full wrap involves wrapping the imprint or design around the entire mug whereas a part wrap is the space in the middle. It is important to take into consideration what the mugs materials are as this will play a vital role in how long the imprint will last. For example imprints applied onto a ceramic mug under a protective glaze which is then fired in the oven may be better sealed than imprints on a plastic mug.

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