FAQs - Pedometers

Information on promotional pedometers including usage in health campaigns, print applications and minimum order quantities.

How do pedometers help you get fit?

Pedometers record physical activity and steps made over a time basis. Like a fit bit watch or the pedometer built into may mobile phones the idea is to help people track their exercise and get fitter. A separate pedometer like this one has the advantage of not being tied to a mobile phone and giving people a break from screen time.

How do you print on to a pedometer?

The most common imprint method is to use screen printing. This will apply an ink layer onto the pedometer and make an imprint which is durable and long lasting.

Are there minimum order quantities?

The minimum order quantities will be shown on each pedometer page. We may be able to supply a smaller quantity unbranded from off-the-shelf stocks.

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