FAQs - People at Redbows

Information and FAQs on the on the people working at Redbows and arrangements for visits and meetings.

Do you visit clients?

We always love to meet our clients and are more than happy to visit your office to discuss your project. We do use Skype with a number of clients as a conferencing tool. If you would like a visit to discuss your project let us know and we will see when one of our account managers is next in your area.

How do I contact you?

We list our contact on our website and you can rest assured that there is always someone to take your call. Just call us on 0800 158 3080.

We do have a web chat facility on our website that can also be useful and this can be used to leave a message for our team outside hours.

We say we operated 24/7 and we do monitor our email when outside the office and normal working hours. Many of our clients like the fact that they can hold of us to discuss a marketing project by email or personal mobile phone.

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