FAQs - Plastic Cups

Information on plastic cups and beakers including sizes, body colours and lead times.

Why are cups also known as beakers?

The term ‘beaker’ comes form the old Norse word ‘Bikarr’ and Dutch term ‘beker’ which were used in the mid 14th century in a similar way to the term ‘goblet’. The term describes an open necked drinking vessel.

How do you brand a plastic cup or beaker?

The most common print method is to use a screen print. This allows for a combination of screen colours from one to four passes with one or two being the most common. The final screen print is hard wearing and will last provided the cups are washed correctly and not damaged.

Can you supply solid and translucent coloured bodies?

Each plastic cup is available in a range of colours and some of the products are available with sold, frosted and translucent colours. Please check out the colours for each product and let us know if you need a different colour as this may be available from our supply chain.

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