FAQs - Power Banks

Information on promotional power banks including imprint area sizes, cables supplied and discharge periods.

What imprint options are available?

We use a screen print typically for power banks and print in the available print area. This means that we will use a number of screens relating to each of the colours in your logo. So if you use 2 colours, that is 2 screens. Most clients choose their logo, website and sometimes a telephone number.

What cables are supplied?

Each Power Bank is supplied with a cable to connect to a USB port or USB plug and can be used to charge your chosen Power Bank. You then need to use your normal phone or tablet cable to connect to the USB port on the Power Bank in order to use the stored energy in the battery.

How long will a power bank last?

Power banks store electrical energy in their lithium-ion batteries. This is the same type of battery in your smart phone or tablet computer. The batteries charge very quickly and typically within an hour. When used to charge your phone or tablet the batteries will take as long as it takes to transfer their energy to the device and typically within an hour or faster. Power banks can be left for several days if not weeks with their charge as there is virtually no self-discharge.

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