FAQs - Ad-loops

Information on promotional ad-loops including whey make such good giveaways, printing both sizes and available sizes.

Why are adloops good giveaways?

Adloops fulfil a number of the prerequisites of what makes a good giveaway item. They are low-cost, colourful, provide a good print area and a really useful item.

Can you print both sides on an Adloop?

Yes we can print on both sides. The inside of the adloop we refer to as the underside. We always recommend printing the outside and the underside is offered as an optional imprint area.

Can you supply other sizes of Adloop?

We have the standard size available from stock. There is also the option for mini-adloops which are smaller and jumbo adloops which are larger in size and offer a smaller or bigger imprint areas. Please let us know if you need one of these sizes quoting.

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