FAQs - Biscuits

Information on promotional biscuits including numbers per pack, combination tea and biscuit packs and packaging branding.

Can I have 2 biscuits in a pack instead of one?

We only offer biscuits individually or in the 4 biscuits in a box as standard. However, for quantities over 5000 we can develop a new product unique to your company. Call 0800 158 3080 or email sales@redbows.co.uk for more information.

Do you offer tea and biscuits packs?

If you’re looking for more biscuit ideas check out our snack pack range. We offer a tea break box with 1 tea bag sachet, 2 shortcake biscuits, 2 sugar sachets and 2 UHT milk sachets and a coffee break box with 1 coffee sachet, 2 shortcake biscuits, 2 sugar sachets and 2 UHT milk sachets.

Can you print directly to the biscuit?

On selected products we can digitally print your logo directly onto the product. Please note, we cannot offer white, gold or silver print due to the food inks used in the process. Check out our Breton Butter Biscuits or Cats Tongue Butter Biscuits.

What are the packaging options for biscuits?

We offer a range of packaging options including tins, boxes and packs all available branded with your design or logo. Bespoke options available on request. Check out our Cocoa Biscuits in a Flow Pack or Dutch Stroop Caramel Waffles.

What are the printing options on the Biscuits?

Depending on the product the biscuits can be packaged in boxes with a full colour print to the outside or labelled with full colour digital print sticker. We can also print onto the biscuits themselves with edible food ink.

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