FAQs - Cooler Bags

Information on promotional cooler bags including ice and cooling options, how long items will stay cool and how coolers work.

Do you need to put ice in a cooler bag?

Our cooler bags come with cooling packs that you place in a fridge to freeze prior to use. If you do not have these then take some ice and put into a bag with a tight seal (to prevent leakage on melting) and use these in place of the freezer packs.

How long will the inside of the bag stay cool?

This is dependent on the outside temperature. When you place a frozen cooler pack into a cooler bag the inside of the bag will be cool but if the outside is exposed to direct sunlight and a warm ambient environment the cooling effect will drop off with a few hours. We recommend 4-6 hours when used sensibly but please remember to observe the individual packing and storage instructions on food items in particular which must be stored at the right temperature for health reasons.

How do promotional cooler bags keep food and drinks cool?

Here the process is that of Evaporative Cooling. The pre-cooled or frozen cooling packs reduce internal temperature of the air and moisture within the cooling bag. Warm air rises but cool air falls. Once cooled the air inside the bag forms and insulating later. The bag walls are also insulated to reduce external heat from transferring into the cooled internal area.

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