FAQs - Eco Friendly Clothing

Information on eco friendly promotional clothing including pricing, durability and bespoke orders.

Is eco clothing more expensive?

The simple answer is not necessarily. Some eco clothing made from recycled or sustainable materials may be priced slightly higher.

Will eco clothing last as long as non-eco?

Eco clothing should last about the same length of time as a piece of clothing made from man-made or natural materials. The ‘Eco’ simply means that the material is made from recycled or raw materials that have been farmed using organic and/or sustainable means.

Do you offer bespoke eco clothing?

We are always willing to consider a custom or bespoke project when it comes to promotional clothing. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in terms of design, functionality and material availability. Once we know more about the project we can quote based upon quantity breaks and provide a project lead time.

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