FAQs - Erasers

Information on promotional erasers including materials they are made from, branding and combinations with other stationery products.

What are erasers made from?

Some erasers use a synthetic rubber or synthetic soy-based gum. More expensive erasers may use a vinyl or plastic. Both lower cost and expensive erasers will do the job with the more expensive items lasting longer.

How do you brand an eraser?

We typically apply an imprint directly onto the eraser as a screen print. For custom erasers it is sometimes possible to incorporate an imprint as an embossed design into a bespoke mould.

Do you supply combination eraser products?

We do have some erasers in our product range that include a pencil sharpener. We also supply erasers as part of kits including pens, pencils and rulers which can be given out as welcome packs for school children and students.

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