FAQs - Executive Pens

Information on promotional executive pens including and how they differ from normal pens, pen set options and pen material options.

What is an executive pen?

Executive pens are a type of promotional pen with a higher unit price and quality and one more to be found used by office managers and senior personnel within a company. An executive pen is more than a throwaway item and will generally have an ink refill option.

Do you supply executive pen sets?

Yes, some of our pens and pencils are available in executive pen sets and these can be ideal when targeting senior personnel in an organisation or business with your marketing campaign. Executive pen sets can also take an imprint on their barrels and sometimes the boxes the pen set is supplied in.

Does an executive pen have to be plastic or metal?

We supply both metal and plastic and even wooden executive pens. The materials are typically of a higher quality and weight than would be used for traditional giveaway pen.

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