FAQs - Fleeces

Information on promotional fleeces including terms explanations, wind proofing and textures.

What does Anti Pill Mean in relation to fleeces?

Anti-pill is a term used to describe a fleece material that has been treated prevent little balls known as pills appearing on the surface. The balls/pills are made up of the material or thread that the fleece is made from and results from rubbing or abrasion of the material. Another term for the pill or ball is bobble.

Are fleeces wind proof?

When a fleece is described to be windproof what this means is that the fleece jacket has an inner lining. The lining prevents the wind from penetrating the jacket and provides a further layer to the wearer to keep them warm.

What is a textured fleece?

Fleeces made from a waffled or furry fleece material are referred to as textured fleeces. The fleeces can be very soft and provide an ideal jacket for cold and wintry days.

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