FAQs - Frosted Pens

Information on promotional frosted pens including background colour choices, printing and packaging.

Does a frosted pen provide a good background for an imprint?

As with any plastic product the best colour for a frosted pen is one that will provide a contrast background for your corporate logo.

Can you print more than one colour in the imprint?

We can print single or multiple colours in an imprint using screen or digitally print technologies. It is important to choose a frosted pen barrel colour that will provide a good contrast to your logo imprint and its colours.

How are your frosted pens packed for distribution?

The most common form of packing is a cardboard box. The printed pens are placed in a polythene bag and then this is placed inside the cardboard box which itself is non-branded. If you need to know the approximate number of pens per box this may be shown on a specific product specification page or please contact us for more information and we will find out the information from our production team.

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