FAQs - Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Information on promotional hoodies and sweatshirts including student and society discounts and materials used.

Do you provide student society discounts?

We are always keen to support university societies and clubs. Just ask one of our sales team if your budget is tight and we will see if we can improve the pricing to help you get the quantity you need.

Where did hoodies originate?

Branded hoodies or hooded sweatshirts are a favourite form of clothing. The garment originated in the 1930s where it was originally worn under jacket or overall by manual workers in New York warehouses who wanted to keep warm and protect themselves from the cold.

What materials are Sweatshirts made from?

The two most commonly used materials are cotton and polyester or a mixture of the two. Please the detailed description of each promotional sweatshirt in this collection for more details or contact our sales team.

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