FAQs - Lanyards

Information on promotional lanyards including safety release mechanisms, eco material options and print colour choices.

Do you supply safety release mechanisms for lanyards?

Yes, we can for some of the lanyards we supply. The lanyards have a safety release clip built-into them which releases when placed under pressure.

Do you supply environmentally friendly lanyards?

We can supply lanyards made from eco-friendly materials. The eco materials will include either sustainable farmed and organic fabrics or recycled and reclaimed materials.

How many colours can you imprint on a lanyard?

This depends on the type of lanyard. The most common print is a single colour imprint on a contrasting background. Most often white text on a coloured background to match one of the corporate logo colours. Multi-coloured prints require a white background to really work and white lanyards tend to show up dirt over time.

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