FAQs - Multifunction Pens

Information on promotional multi-function pens including delivery timescales, colour matching and environmentally friendly alternative materials.

What is a multi function pen?

A multi function pen incorporates functions in additional to a single pen nib. These can include more pen nibs and colours or gadgets such as a USB or magnetic strip. Stylus pens are a form of multi function pen but we include these in a separate Stylus Pen collection.

Where can you print on a multi function pen?

Printing is the same as for a traditional plastic or executive pen. For the imprint area and options please see the individual multi function pen product specifications. The main printing area is on the barrel but we may also be able to print onto the pen top as well.

Are multi function pens more expensive than a typical plastic pen?

The pens will have a slightly higher unit cost due to the extra function(s) built into-them. The best way to get the unit cost down is to order your multi function pen in a higher quality as pricing is volume related.

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