FAQs - Notepad

Information on promotional notepads including cover and paper colour choices, sizes and sheet quantity.

Can you supply coloured paper pads?

This depends on the specific note pad. Desk pads can take a full imprint area edge-to-edge where as note pads are printed on the outside cover and the paper inside is generally white as standard.

What is the best sized desk pad?

A4 and A5 desk pads are popular with clients who like to take them to meetings. A1 sized desk pads are too bulky for this but can be just as useful for desk-based clients.

Can you vary the sheet quantity with any of the note pads?

Not really. The pads are designed and priced with a set number of paper sheets. For a non-standard quantity the project would be considered a custom or bespoke one and priced at a higher rate. If this is of interested please let us know. We can also look at custom shapes for a client specific project.

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