FAQs - Paper Blocks

Information on promotional paper blocks including pallet options, pen holders and sheet printing.

Do you offer pallet paper blocks?

The pallet paper block is a favourite for transportation and logistical companies and we offer several sizes in our range.

Can you drill a pen holder into a paper block?

Yes, and we can also supply a matching promotional pen to fit and bundle with the paper block.

Where can you print on a paper block?

For most of the paper blocks we supply we can print onto the top sheet, each individual sheets and the block sides. The number of print positions and colours dictates the final unit cost.

Can you supply custom or bespoke shaped paper blocks?

We can supply a custom shape using a cutter made to our specifications. The unit cost for a custom or bespoke designed paper block will always be higher than for a standard product but could more closely match your marketing campaign requirements.

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