FAQs - Paper Clips

Information on promotional paper clips including paper and memo clip choices, branding and print areas.

What’s is the difference between a paperclip and a memo clip?

A memo clip is designed as a novelty type desktop item and one designed to hold a single piece of paper or ‘memo’. A paperclip will clip together several items including letters, brochures, with compliment slips and various papers.

How are branded paperclips supplied?

We normally print and them package the paperclips into small cardboard boxes which makes for easy distribution and stocking.

Do paperclips have a sufficiently large print area?

This depends upon what you want to put in your imprint. We always recommend that you consider the size of the imprint area when selecting the right paper clip for your campaign. It may be that the paperclip can only take your logo. Larger paperclips may have an imprint area large enough for you to print your contact details and website onto.

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