FAQs - Pen Sets

Information on promotional pen sets including custom options, branding and imprint areas and sets made from environmentally friendly materials.

Can you make up pen sets?

We have a range of standard pen sets but we can also look to put together individual pens and pencils together into a set to brand for you. Standard pen sets have their own boxes which makes it easier for distribution and handing out and so we may have to find a suitable pen set box for your chosen combination.

What are the typical branding options?

In the main we will apply an imprint onto the individual items within the pen set. There may be an option to brand the outer of the box as well but this is dependent on the individual pen set.

Can you supply eco friendly pen sets?

Some of the pen and pencil combinations we offer allow us to supply eco-friendly pen sets. For the pen or pencil to be eco-friendly it has to be made from a recycled material or a material that has been sustainably farmed.

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