FAQs - Polo Shirts

Information on promotional polo shirts including colour choices, durability and lifespan and Pantone colours.

What’s the best colour for a polo shirt?

When you place an imprint onto a promotional polo shirt you really want to be able to see the imprint. This means that you either need to choose a colour that provides a good background for your logo in its natural print colours or one that provides a contrast when it is a negative version. A lot of companies and organisations choose a colour from their logo for their polo shirt colour and then ask us to apply a negative version of their logo. The negative version is typically white to give a contrast to the material colour.

How long with a promotional polo shirt last?

Polo shirt garment material quality is an important factor. If you purchase a good quality polo shirt and follow the print guidelines then it should give one to two years of good usage if not more. It all depends on usage and washing regime for a quality material.

Can you colour match a Polo Shirt?

Yes we can colour match if a client provides a copy of their logo or the Pantone colours used in the logo. We will suggest either our nearest coloured polo shirt from stock or offer the option for a bespoke manufacturing run if the quantity is high enough.

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