FAQs - Safety Clothing

Information on promotional safety clothing including PPE, imprint methods and European standards.

What does PPE stand for?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and refers to items of clothing, footwear, headgear (safety helmets), gloves and glasses (eye protection), high-visibility (hi-vis) clothing, and safety harnesses that protect the user when working or carrying out a task. PPE is normally supplied to workers by an organisation and a record kept of the PPE they have been provided with.

What is the best imprint method for safety clothing?

This depends on the garment or item but the method chosen has to be one that does not interfere or weaken the protective aspects of the workwear. Our normal practice is either a screen print as in the case of hi-vis jackets or a label or sticker as in the case of hard hats.

Which standards must hi-vis safety clothing comply to?

In the UK hi-visibility clothing has to comply with EU legislation and conform to BS EN 471:2003, Table 1, Class 2 or 3 and the normal colour is fluorescent yellow (table 2 of EN477:2003) but orange is also used as an alternative. Reflective materials used on hi-vis garments should comply to table 5 of EN471:2003.

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