FAQs - Shirts and Blouses

Information on promotional shirts and branded blouses including standard sizes and made-to-measure, imprint methods and fitted sizes.

Do you supply made-to-measure shirts and blouses?

Generally we supply a range of standard sized shirts and blouses. Custom or bespoke designs are possible but the manufacturing run has to be large enough to achieve a reasonable unit price.

What’s the best shirt imprint method?

The best way to apply your logo and imprint to a promotional shirt or blouse is through embroidery. Imprints can be screen printed or applied using sewn on patches but the overall look is not as good. Care as to be taken to make sure the embroidered area does not pinch when washed.

What does fitted mean?

When we supply fitted blouses for example, the blouse is shaped to follow the natural body curve for the size supplied. This gives a tighter fit than a standard clothing item.

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