FAQs - Sticky Notes

Information on promotional sticky notes including custom messages, Pantone references and bespoke shapes and sizes.

Can you print a custom message each sticky note?

The normal print run is to print a standard imprint onto each page or sheet of the sticky note. Custom prints could be an option but this would depend on the actual sticky note product itself. Please ask our team if you need a custom print.

Can you colour match to a Pantone reference?

We can colour match sticky notes to your logo and corporate colours and possibly to a Pantone reference. This is dependent on the actual sticky note product. Please note that the same Pantone colour can look slightly different when printed onto different giveaways due to the natural of the material being printed onto which could vary in finish (mat or gloss) and the way the material absorbs ink.

Do you offer custom shaped sticky notes?

Yes we can supply custom shapes for your marketing program. For a custom or bespoke shape we have to manufacture a custom cutting tool for which there is a cost and the actual sticky note manufacturing costs will be higher. As with other promotional giveaways the final unit price will be volume related.

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