FAQs - Stylus Pens

Information on promotional stylus pens including how they work, durability and digital print techniques.

How do stylus pens work?

Stylus pens are designed for use with a touchscreen on a mobile or table or laptop computer. These types of screen have a capacitive electrical characteristic and the rubber or foam stylus end is conductive. As the stylus touches or is moved across a touchscreen the movement can be tracked and interpreted by the electronic device.

How long do stylus pens last?

This depends on how hard and often the pen stylus is used. With care the pen stylus can last a long time. It is foam or runner shaped end over a metal attachment. If mistreated and pushed down too hard, the metal end can start to cut into the stylus end.

Can you use digital printing on a stylus pen?

Digital is fast taking over from a four colour print process and is available for stylus pens. Digital printing also tends to be less costly than a full colour traditional print process and offers as good as colour print.

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