FAQs - Towels

Information on promotional towels including the GSM measure for towel quality, imprint methods and golfing towel options.

How does GSM indicate towel quality?

GSM stands for grams-per-square-meter and indicates the thickness and plushness of the towel material. A higher GSM for a cotton towel indicates higher quality and a higher pile than a low GSM, meaning that it can absorb more water. The higher the GSM the more durable and long wearing the towel will be making them ideal for high use industries including travel and tourism hotels, restaurants and clubs.

What is the best imprint method for branded towels?

Depending on the pile (thickness and weave of the material) we normally suggest an embroidered imprint and each of our towels has a defined imprint area to work to. Larger embroidered areas are available sometimes as an option. If a towel is thin then it may be possible to apply an iron-on applique or label or sewn on an embroidered badge.

Do you supply promotional golfing towels?

We supply a wide range of towels including golfing towels which can be supplied with a hook to attach them to a golf trolly.

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