FAQs - Wallets

Information on promotional wallets including hard wearing materials, Oyster card wallets and custom designs.

Which is the most hard wearing leather or PVC wallets?

This depends on how they are treated. A leather wallet should gives years of service and a polish will provide protection from rain and water. PVC can last some time and like leather will age over time. PVC has the potential for small tears along hinged areas. How long a wallet will last comes down to how well it is looked after. Plastic PVC wallets tend to be used as throwaway items over time where as leather wallets may be kept for longer periods.

Do you supply Oyster card wallets?

We do supply Oyster card wallets and these types of plastic passes are becoming common for many uses in major towns and cities. The wallets are an ideal giveaway as they can be branded with your logo and are very useful to those that use them.

Can you supply custom design wallets?

A custom or bespoke designed wallet is one made to your exact specifications. We can supply a custom design but to get the cost down to a reasonable unit price the manufacturing run has to be quite large.

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