FAQs - Printing

Information on printing techniques and the terms used with the promotional merchandise industry.

What is an imprint?

The term imprint refers to the information we will put onto your chosen products. Most imprints contain a selection of the following items: logo, website address, phone number, call to action, marketing campaign message.

How do you match print colours?

The industry standard colour referencing system is known as Pantone. Each colour has a Pantone reference which indicates the mixture of the four primary colours used within a full colour litho print. Also known as CMYK prints the letters stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Using Pantone colour charts we can match a product to your logo colours but always recommend a good contrast to ensure your logo and imprint stands out.

Some companies have a corporate guide on what colours are used within their logos and marketing materials which we are more than happy to work to.

Please do note that colour variations can occur between products imprinted with the same Pantone colours. This is due to the printing process used and product material itself.

What is a screen?

A screen is a film through which ink is pushed to make an impression or imprint on your chosen product. In screen printing there may be one screen for each colour printed.

We charge for screens as they are unique to your company and order. We do store the screens however so that your second and subsequent orders cost you less.

What is a Jacquard?

It is basically a disk used in embroidery to apply a stitch design to a piece of clothing. The jacquard is unique to your company and order and therefore has to be charged for. We do store them for your future orders so you can enjoy lower embroidery costs on repeats or new items that can use the same jacquard.

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