FAQs - Rucksacks and Backpacks

Information on promotional rucksacks and branded backpacks including logo imprint options, pockets and capacities.

What options do I have for logo printing?

There are generally two types of logo imprint method available for rucksacks and backpacks and both will be hard wearing. The first option is screen printing and this is our most popular imprint option for client looking for a low cost solution. The second option is embroidery and this is available on some of the bags available from Redbows. Embroidery costs more than a screen print and is priced on the size and number of stitches and colours required.

Do you offer water bottle pockets?

Generally most rucksacks and backpacks have a pocket that can be used for maps, water bottles and other to carry other items. If the bag has a specific water bottle pocket this will be shown in the product description and/or specification. Redbows can also bundle promotional water bottles with the some backpacks and rucksacks to provide a matching and branded solution for clients. We can also supply backpacks with built-in water rehydration water pockets and these are commonly used for sports promotions including cycling and mountain biking.

How is the capacity of a backpack or rucksack measured?

The most popular and traditional way for measuring capacity is in unit litres or cubic inches and either defines the volume the backpack or rucksack can hold. It is also important to consider the overall size of the bag on a person’s back and especially when selecting bags for promotions for children, teenagers and adults.

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