FAQs - Screen Cleaners

Information computer and tablet screen cleaners including sizing, print areas and colour options.

Can you full colour print a screen cleaner?

Some of the screen cleaners we supply can be printed as full colour artwork. Other plastic devices may only take a pad or screen imprint. Please check each individual product for the options available.

Can you colour match a plastic screen cleaner?

The plastic screen cleaners we supply have a plastic body and this may be available in a range of colours. We recommend choosing a colour that will compliment or contrast with your logo and corporate colours. Some clients choose a colour and then ask us to print using a negative of their logo to provide the most impact at the lowest possible print costs.

Do you supply novelty screen cleaners?

We do have some novelty shapes in the collection and if you need a shape supplying to match a particular theme for your marketing campaign please let us know and we can source other novelty screen cleaners from our supply chain.

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