FAQs - Selfie Sticks

Information on selfie sticks including options for sizes, imprint and branding.

Where can you print on a selfie stick?

We supply plain stock and branded selfie sticks. If you want the product branded the most common area is on the arm of the selfie stick. The typical imprint area is around 25×8mm in size allow for a logo to be printed. We can also brand selfie stick pouches as well which have a larger imprint area.

Can you video as well as photograph with these selfie sticks?

These selfie sticks are designed to hold mobile and smartphone type devices and enable the person holding them to take a photograph or video using the connections and button on the handle of the selfie stick.

How many colours can you print in a logo onto a selfie stick?

Using pad or screen printing the print method will allow for one to four colour imprints. A contrast imprint can be achieved with a single colour using the body of the arm as the logo. This is termed a negative imprint and the logo is the colour of the arm with a single colour print block filling the rest of the imprint area.

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