FAQs - Shoe Polish Kits

Information on promotional shoe polish kits including shoe shines and polish options, custom shapes and case choices.

Can you supply individual shoe shines and polishes?

As part of our shoe polish collection we can supply either full kits or individual items including shoe shines and polishes. Both the kits and individual items can be branded with your imprint.

Do you supply custom shaped shoe shines?

The standard shoe shine is round and fits into a standard sized plastic case. If you need a custom or bespoke designed shoe polish we can look at this as a special manufacture project with one of our suppliers. Custom can include bespoke shapes as well as colours but the manufacturing volume has to be large enough to achieve a low unit cost if the goods are to be used as a branded giveaway.

What types of cases are the shoe polish kits supplied in?

We can offer complete kits supplied in a leather or plastic case or a metal tin. The case and tins can also be printed with our logo and imprint.

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