FAQs - Shopping Bags

Information on promotional shopping bags including portrait and landscape options, handle choices and eco friendly materials.

What is the difference between portrait and landscape shoppers?

When looking at shoppers in this collection you will see that we offer two orientations: portrait and landscape. Landscape products offer the widest opening and portrait the shortest.

What shopper handles can you supply?

We offer short handles (SH) which allow you users to carry a shopper in their hands and long handles (LH) which are shoulder type shopper. Handles are generally made out of the same material as the products themselves but can also be made from other materials including rope, leather or plastic.

Do you supply eco friendly recycled promotional shopping bags?

Yes we do. You will need to see the shoppers in our Eco collection. Our eco shoppers are made from reclaimed materials like plastics or organically farmed materials like organic cotton. We also offer paper totes made from recycled paper. What you may find with eco friendly shoppers is that the range of colours or more limited.

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