FAQs - Stationery

Information on promotional stationery including print options, personalisation the best desktop choices.

What options are available for printing onto paper pads?

When it comes to paper pads our printers can apply our artwork to various parts of the a paper pad or block. You can opt for a solid imprint on the front cover and sides of the pads or blocks with a watermark imprint on subsequent pages. The choice of print positions and options is pad dependent. Most clients opt for a cover print with a smaller logo or watermark print on the inside pages.

How to personalise calendars

General calendars have an imprint area for a client logo and contact details. When looking at potential photos for a calendar this will be the ‘white space’ left for the printer to apply your artwork. Digitally printed calendars can be printed with your name or message appearing as part of the photograph itself. Imagine a firework burst in a photograph with your company name within it.

What items work best for desktops?

Everyone needs stationery and some of the best stationery products are those that will get used regularly and will either be kept on a desktop (advertising your organisation) or taken out when needed. Research has found that clients tend to associate stationery items with the branding on it – where is my Redbows stapler?

Do you do notebook sets?

We can offer notebooks with pens attached to the side, usually with a pen loop. Branding options vary with options for a plain or branded pen attached to a branded notebook however this depends on your selection. The sets are very useful and cost-effective if your looking to send out gifts to clients as you will have two products instead of one.

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