FAQs - Stress Relievers

Information on promotional stress relievers including custom stress shapes, how they reduce stress and Pantone colour matching.

Can you supply custom stress shapes?

Yes we can make them to order but for a large print run. The most unusual one we have supplied involved a client sending us a full size speed camera which we then had to draw up in 3D CAD from which we could then generate a custom mold for the manufacture of the bespoke stress shaped speed camera.

Do stress relievers work?

Yes they do and reason for this is that when we are under stress our body muscles tighten up as part of our automatic ‘fight or flight’ response. Squeezing a stress shape helps to loosen our muscles and reduce the amount of stress being experience. Of course this is for mild stress relief only.

Can you Pantone match a stress reliever?

It may be possible to supply a Pantone colour matched stress shape. Please let us know your chosen shape and the Pantone colour and we will check with the manufacturer of the stress shape on what is possible in terms of manufacturing the stress shape in a material colour to match the Pantone.

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