FAQs - Sweet Bags

Information on promotional sweet bags and the confectionery fillings and print methods available for this product range.

What is a flow pack bag?

Flow Packing is a commonly used packaging solution in the food and confectionery industry to quickly pack a set number of items (in this case sweets) into a package and seal it with the minimum of tail material. For confectionery products, the end result is an easy to handle flow pack or bag of sweets.

What sweet bag options are available?

The packaging has two purposes and these are to protect the sweets and confectionery items inside and provide a suitable material onto which to apply your logo and imprint. Sweet bags can be made from plastic, paper and even plant-based materials like cotton and and jute. Recycled material options are available.

What is the best sweet bag colour?

This depends on your logo and imprint. Sweet bags can have a transparent window or be totally transparent allowing you to see the confectionery inside. If the bag is available in different colour options these will be shown. We always recommend choosing a colour that will compliment or contrast with your logo and imprint colours to make sure they stand out.

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