FAQs - Sweet Tins

Information on promotional sweets including Fairtrade options, best selling sweets and sugar free confectionery.

How many sweets do you get in your promotional sweet tins?

The number of sweets we can get into a sweet tin is determined by the confectionery type, its size and the size of the tin. Each product lists the available fillings and should list an approximate number for the sweets it can contain. If you need a larger number let us know as we may be able to provide alternative tin sizes.

What branding options do you offer for the tins?

Each product will show the print options available on the relevant branding tab. Generally we provide from single to full colour digital printing. This means that we can provide a range of colour print options from a low-cost single colour print to photographic type quality digital printing.

How are the sweet tins packed for transport?

Typically we will pack the printed tins into a number of cardboard boxes to provide a safe form of packaging for transportation. The smaller boxes may be packed into a larger box with additional filling or this and multiple boxes could be strapped to a pallet and shrink wrapped.

What fillings can you provide for the tins?

We offer a range of fillings including mints, chocolates and various types of sweets including mint imperials, jelly babies, wine gums and skittles. For a more complete list see our confectionery ideas list.

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