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FAQs - Sweets

Information on promotional sweets including Fairtrade options, best selling sweets and sugar free confectionery.

Do you supply Fairtrade confectionery?

Yes we can supply Fair Trade confectionery especially when it comes to chocolates which are a firm favourite. Simply ask our team for the product name or search for Fair Trade on our website.

Do you supply diabetic confectionery?

Yes we can for supply certain sweets and chocolates suitable for diabetics. Please check out the product specifications or contact our team who can advise you which products can be supplied for diabetics.

Are all confectionery items priced individually?

It is not practical to price every item individually and a classic example are wrapped sweets which are priced per kilogram. Other items like chocolate bars which are larger and heavier are priced using quantity breaks.

What is your best selling product in sweets?

One of our most popular products are the small sweet pouches from the sweets collection above. The small pouches are simple but effective tools in effectively conveying your message to clients and promoting your brand. With a variety of fillings to choose from this product is a worthy bestseller and continues to remain one of our most popular products. Try our tasty jolly beans or chocolate buttons to see why.

What confectionery products do you have for Halloween?

We have a range of products available for Halloween from branded popcorn tubs to bags of jelly babies and biscuits. Any of our confectionery items would be suitable due to the fact that we can print any logo or image. You can instantly transform a jolly bean bag by branding it with cobwebs and spiders, making it the perfect product to give out at Halloween events. Brand it with your logo and your message is sure to be seen.

What are the best products to send out at Christmas?

If you’re looking to spread the Christmas cheer then why not send out Chocolate Tins branded with your logo to clients, customers or colleagues. We offer the ‘Nations Favourite’ brands including Quality Street, Lindt and Raffaelo. Simply select a product from our extensive range and brand with your logo to create a product perfect for advertising your company at Christmas.

What sweets products to send out in January?

Everyone is looking for a little pick me up in January, whether it’s a bar of chocolate or a packet of sweets branded with your logo. We have a wide variety of items in our snacks collection that are perfect for the colder months. We offer branded porridge sachets, cereal bars, breakfast biscuits and soup sachets. The sachets are a great choice for mailer campaigns as they fit easily into an envelope.

What would you recommend for a Summer Marketing Campaign?

For a summer marketing campaign, we recommend Candy Floss, Flying Saucers, Twist Marshmallows, Flat or Heart Shaped Lollipops or Traditional Fudge, from the personalised sweets collection. Our standard best sellers are Single Twist Sweets or Large Pouches with a filling of your choice. We offer a wide variety of corporate sweets for all occasions.

Do you supply sugar free confectionery?

Yes, we have recently added a range of sugar free confectionery. Check out our Sugar Free Lollipops, Sugar Free In a Flow Pack, Dextrose Lollipops and Roll With 9 Fruit Dextrose confectionery. We also offer a range of sugar free mints.

What are your custom made gummy packs?

Our custom made gummy packs are designed by you. Select from standard shapes or create one entirely unique to your company. This can be your logo, a new product or service. Ideal for promoting product launches or specialised businesses. The confectionery is supplied in a small bag with a full colour label.

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