FAQs - Thermos Flasks

Information on bottled thermos flasks and vacuum flasks including colours, sizes and cups.

What print options are available for these flasks?

The most common imprint methods are screen or pad printed or engraved. A screen or pad printed logo will be hard wearing with an engraved imprint being permanent. The type of imprint method depends on the material. Stainless steel and metal bodies are suitable for engraving or a screen or pad print. Plastic flask bodies can only take a pad or screen print.

Can I purchase extra cups for my flasks?

We can supply extra cups to go with your flasks and these can also be branded. The most popular type for camping and outdoor pursuits are our metal cups and mugs.

How do vacuum flasks work?

Thermos and vacuum are interchangeable terms of flasks like these that keep their contents warm. Vacuum flasks have a two wall construction. The inner glass wall has a lining with a metallic silver coating that prevents the internal heat from the liquid being transferred to the outer layer via radiation. The inner and outer walls are separated by a vacuum which prevents heat convection from the inner to the outer layer. The glass wall is thin and prevents heat transfer via conduction.

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