FAQs - Travel Mugs

Information on promotional travel mugs including imprint areas, lead times and sample availability.

How to choose the right travel mug?

The first thing to compare is the material used. Most travel mugs use double layers of stainless steel or plastic shells. Another thing to consider is the size and shape of the mug. If you plan to use with drinks machines measure the height and width of the cup to ensure it fits. The lid type is also important. We offer screw-on lids, spill proof lids or snap lids.

What drinks accessories are available?

The standard Americano Travel Mugs are available with the following accessories; Stix To Go, Tyre Grips, Spill-proof lids, Card Packaging and domed printing on the lid. Mix and Match with different accessories for added value.

What is a thermos or thermal mug?

A thermos or thermal mug is a travel mug but one that has an insulating layer or double-layered wall to provide a thermos flask type effect and keep the liquids in the mug whether tea or coffee hotter for longer. The insulation or inside layer helps to retain the eat.

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