FAQs - Umbrellas

Information on promotional umbrellas including panel and handle choices, print options and delivery timescales.

How many panels can you print on?

When it comes to umbrellas you can print on as many panels as you want. We often supply umbrellas with print applied to just one panel. The highest price is to print on all the panels. An alternative is to print on every other panel. At the end of the day this is a 360 degree product and so even with one panel printed you can be sure that your logo and imprint will be seen.

Can you print more than one colour on an umbrella panel?

With screen or litho printing you can apply more than one colour onto an umbrella panel. Not all umbrellas materials are suitable for litho or digital (full colour) printing. The most application if a 1-2 colour logo and in colours that give a contrast to the material of the umbrella panels themselves.

What umbrella options do you offer?

We can customise many of our umbrellas in several ways. Handles and shafts can be supplied made from different materials including metal, wood and plastic being the most common. It is also possible to supply stormproof umbrellas in that the umbrellas are more robust and designed for use in strong winds. These types can often be found on golf courses and at outside events. Umbrella panels and materials can also be custom made. Remember though that for custom umbrellas we are looking at a factory produced and printed item on about 8-10 weeks or more for delivery.

What are the delivery options on Umbrellas?

Most umbrellas can be shipped within ten working days however express delivery is available at an extra cost, please enquire for further details. Generally larger volume orders supplied from Europe and the Far East may increase the lead time to around four to six weeks. It can depend on the branding, colour and style of umbrella selected.

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