FAQs - USB Hubs

Information USB hubs including ports, size and print area options.

Do your USB have an external power supply?

Our USB hubs are generally non-powered and passive in that they are powered from the main device USB power (tablet or computer) that they are connected to. We can supply powered USB hubs with their own external power supply if required and these have a higher unit price.

What does USB stand for?

USB is an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. USB Is a plug-and-play IT interface that allows communications between a tablet or computer with a peripheral device such as a USB mouse, USB hub or USB flashdrive. The peripheral may usb the host USB device for its power source.

What is the typical printing method on a USB Hub?

For most of our USB hubs we print your logo and imprint using pad or screen printing. This allows for one to four colours with most clients choosing a one or two colour print.

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