FAQs - Wrapped Sweets

Information on wrapped sweets including print and wrapper options, contents and sugar-free options.

What is the minimum number of sweets I can order?

The minimum number of sweets you can order is dependent upon your chosen wrapped sweet. The product information will list the minimum order quantity which is typically measured in sweets per kilo with 190 per kilo being a common average quantity and the minimum order quantity a multiple of this.

How many colours can I print onto the wrapper?

Most wrappers can take from one to full digital colour imprints. Where you have multiple colours in your logo you can look to reduce your print costs by choosing two contrasting colours, one for the background and one for an outline of your logo.

Do you supply sugar free sweets?

We do supply sugar free sweets and these tend to use Dextrose as the sweetener and sugar substitute. Please let us know if you need more information on sugar-free alternative sweets.

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