FAQs - Wristbands

Information on promotional wristbands including printing sides, ease of use and gadget wristbands.

Can you print both sides of a wristband?

Some wristbands may offer an underside print option. Please check the specifications section of the individual product you are interested in to see if there is an underside print option.

Can wristbands be easily removed?

Some of the wristbands we supply can be easily removed. Those with a button or clip will lock and so the only way to remove the wristband will be to cut it off. This type of wristband is very popular within the festival and hotel markets where they are given out and must be worn for the duration of the festival or hotel stay. Different coloured wristbands can also be used to provide access to different areas or levels of service.

Do you offer any gadget wristbands?

We have some wristband products that include a gadget such as a stylus. This can push up the unit cost price and mean that the wristband has to be easily removed.

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