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A Strategic Business Review is a health check; of the organisation’s strategy, resources and competencies against the key success factors required to succeed within a specific industry. Whilst most businesses know that they should carry out a strategic business review, very often their management team does not have the time or resources required to perform one as effectively as they would like.

Carrying out regular strategic business reviews can be vital to the future success of any organisation. A review can help an organisation to check the results of its current strategy, scan its horizon and decide on the right future direction to go in.

At Redbows we can assist your management team to complete a strategic business review or provide the complete service with their input.

Reviewing Your Strategic Marketing Performance

Strategic Business Reviews

  • Industry, market sector, trends and key success factors
  • Competitor performance, advantages and differentiators
  • Company products, services, distribution and structure
  • Sales results, market share and client profitability
  • Marketing strategy performance, mix and budget
  • Organisational resources and competences
  • People, training and investment
  • Additional market research

On completion of a strategic business review, the Redbows team will present a formal report that can be used to set future corporate objectives and strategies.

Marketing Audits

So how does a strategic business review differ from a marketing audit? Quite simply, marketing audits look at the marketing strategy as a subset of the complete corporate strategy. A marketing audit is therefore more closely focused on the objectives, spends and outcomes of the marketing strategy.

Marketing audits are an important part of the marketing function and annual review. Redbows can provide audit assistance or a complete marketing audit review, with a formal report and recommendations.

To learn more about our approach to Strategic Business Reviews and Marketing Audits please contact us to arrange a discussion with a member of our team or call us on 0800 158 3080 for a free and informative discussion.