Website Content and Copy Writing Services

Copy writing provides a platform for many forms of marketing, from briefs and scripts to brochures and advertisements. At Redbows Marketing our content writers are skilled content generators who understand how to write powerful headlines, body copy and calls to action. They apply this this skill to both traditional marketing in the form of company profiles, brochures, press releases and advertisements, and digital marketing in terms of website copy and Pay-Per-Click advertisements.

Using one copywriting company for all your marketing content has the added advantage of allowing a useful flow of material between marketing mix elements. Brochure content can be turned into website page copy, a website case study can be structured for an industry publication. What’s more our copywriters understand search engine optimisation and how to construct high quality SEO pages alongside our website designers.

A successful website promotional campaign needs regular content. Social media marketing demands it. Our content writing services integrate with any of our marketing agency services and include:

  • Search engine optimised copy for your website
  • Regular blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn posts
  • Instagram style graphics and media for use on Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Product, service and company page copy for your website
  • Corporate and company product and service brochure copy
  • Press releases, case studies and articles writing

Published Webpages, Press Releases, Editorial and Case Studies

When we write content for the backbone of an SEO strategy, we write them with both the audience and search engines in mind. We provide a very cost effective solution for websites that need a large volume of quality content that can help them engage with their visitors and increase their organic search engine rankings.

Our content is written by SEO writing specialists and are written around your keyword search terms. The content is written to meet the keyword and quality scores required by search engines for high natural listings and include backlinks and boiler-plate information that can help to increase your brand’s internet presence. Each piece is checked for quality, content, focus, grammar, spelling and a host of other factors including image tags, duplication and hyperlink compatibility.

Plan Webpage Press Release Editorial Case Study
Word count 800 500 750 1000
Image tags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hyperlinked Yes Yes Yes Yes
Client sign off Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website upload Yes Yes Yes Yes
Distribution Yes Yes Yes
Budget hours 3-4 3-4 4-8 8-12

An active marketing program using our content writers will help to increase your brand profile and generate website traffic for your business. We promote the ‘sharing’ of your content on social media and industry portals and our regular Tweeting of your company provides you with a daily voice into your market place.

For more information please contact us about our website content writing and social media services.