Search Engine Optimisaton For Quality Link Building

At Redbows the goal of our Search Engine Optimisation programs is to get you high search engine rankings for the keyword phrases relevant to your industry. It is often relatively easy to achieve a top 10 Google listing for a keyword phrase but as you rise up the rankings to number one, the intensity of the competition rises exponentially. Our SEO consultants are skilled in pushing websites up the rankings and top 3 and the ultimate top position on Google, Bing and Yahoo can be achieved over time.

Our SEO plans are multi-pronged and when combined with other elements of the Redbows Marketing plan can deliver impressive results at a relatively low cost. This is because content written for other marketing elements can be used as part of an integrated online approach. Press releases to traditional media can be optimised for the internet and released online. They can also be published on your website to provide a news feed. Articles written for business publications can be worked into blog posts to provide a regular update to your website.

The important rule when search engine optimising a website is to add regular, optimised content on a regular basis and to develop the website so that it attracts ‘authority juice’. This typically starts to happen when a website reaches 100 pages or more. Often clients are surprised at just what information is at hand that can be published on a website in a constructive, SEO and orderly manner to increase website visitors.

Once we start to develop content for your website we increase its reach through social media, directories, article and press release submission and distribution sites. SEO plans at Redbows Marketing start with an audit of your existing website. Our first task is to optimise the on-page and off-page content, looking at both what a visitor and search engine sees to ensure it is optimised and compatible for both.

At Redbows Marketing our SEO service includes:

  • Review any existing Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts
  • Draw up a list of industry specific keyword search phrases
  • Review competitor websites structures and strategies for the set keywords
  • Optimise your website code and content to ensure it is search engine ready
  • Develop a plan to generate regular content: blog, articles, press releases
  • Integrate social media feeds into your website for distribution
  • Register your blog with industry specific blog directories
  • Start linking programming through specific directories and website targets
  • Build a testimonials platform into your website and social media feeds

When we look at a website we look at the on-page and off-page features and characteristics:

  • Website and navigation architecture
  • Page layout, title and meta tag analysis, including images and links
  • Content optmisation score
  • HTML code efficiency and W3C validation
  • RSS feed integration, blogs and social media links
  • Sitemap validity in HTML and XML formats
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster integration
  • Link popularity on the major search engines
  • Directory submissions (free and paid)
  • Forums and blog posting presence
  • Online press release usage
  • Competitor link strategies
  • Social Bookmarking

Search engine optimisation requires a consistent marketing approach to build quality traffic to your website for relevant keyword phrases. At Redbows our SEO team work alongside our website designers and content writers to ensure we deliver outstanding results. Search engine optimisation integrates well with social media optimisation programs and can be used to reduce reliance on pay-per-click campaigns once high search engine rankings are achieved.

For more information please contact us about our social engine optimisation programs.