Promotional Lollipops

Promotional lollipops are a fun giveaway marketing idea and a great way to promote your brand. The lollipops we supply can all be branded with your logo, either directly onto the lollipop itself or the sweet wrapper packaging. Please take a look at the ones we supply below. If you cannot find the exact lollies you need for your promotional marketing campaign please let us know as we can source others including bespoke promotional lollies made for your custom project through our supply chain. Let us know if you would like samples to evaluate or send us your logo for a virtual visual.

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Branding Options

There are several ways to apply your imprint to a lolly and the choices available are product dependent. Some of the lollies we supply have a removable wrapper, envelope or box packaging and it is to these that we apply your logo and imprint. The packaging is designed to keep your lollies fresh and protect them during transportation and handling and provides a secondary function of an advertising space for your logo.

Some of the lollies we supply like the logo and rock lollies allow us to apply your imprint directly to the product. In the case of logo lollies, the lolly can have a 3D effect as the logo and your imprint are moulded into the product shape. With rock lollies, the logo can only be applied to the wrappers. Into the rock sweet itself we can incorporate any text that you want to add and include this in several different colours.

Each lolly will be available in a variety of flavours and it is important to choose the right one that will compliment your marketing campaign. If you are also interested, we can supply sugar-free lollies. The sweetener used is typically Dextrose.

If you would like a bespoke lollipop and one made especially for your promotion please let us know. This could be bespoke in shape, flavour or packaging. With an outline specification of what you want for your promotional lollipops we can provide a estimated price to see if this is within your budget for the project.

Personalised Lollipops

As well as sweet, candy and fruit we can also supply chocolate lollipops in a range of sizes, colours, shapes, flavours and designs including hearts and swirls. We can also supply bespoke lollies to project specific shapes including characters and logos. Each of the lollies we supply can be branded with printed sticker or a flag-like piece attached to the lolly stick that ca be printed with your logo and imprint.

Personalised lollies like the ones in this collection are a great giveaway for exhibitions and tradeshows and are very easy to store and hand-out to stand visitors and those passing by in the hall aisles. They can also be used at other types of corporate events including seminars or in-house meetings and can add a fun factor to any event.
Seasonal Lollies

Personalised lollipops can also be used for seasonal events including heart-shaped lollipops for Valentine’s day and we can also personalise lollies for parties and functions including weddings and birthday parties. Christmas, Halloween and Easter are other examples of seasonal events for which we can supply branded lollies for a specific theme with personalised packaging.

Bespoke Personalised Lollipops

If you do want a bespoke shaped lolly it is important to be aware that the overall unit price could be higher due to the need to cover the cost of the moulding tool. The manufacturing run also has to be relatively large to achieve the best possible unit price. Please send us your logo and ideas and we can give you a budget price.