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Promotional Mint Cards

Promotional mint cards are mints packaged in cards which themselves have a fairly large branding area onto which we can place your logo and imprint marketing message. Our print methods include single screen printing to full colour digital print. In this collection we have included dextrose mints, spearmint and peppermint sweets. Branded mint cards are ideal for use as giveaways at exhibitions and seminars or sales conferences or visits to client offices. They are also a firm favorite in the hotel and restaurant industries.

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Casings and Fillings

The fact is that there are few people in this world who don’t like a mint. For those that don’t we can also offer alternative fillings including lemon flavoured sweets. The cases are designed to mimic the size of a credit card and this is what makes them such a conveniently sized promotional product. The cards themselves are generally made from plastic and are designed to be easily slipped into a pocket or handbag and be carried around.

As these types of dispenser have grown in popularity so the demand for alternative shapes has arisen. It is not uncommon today to find a selection of novelty shapes including houses and hearts, t-shirts, keys and cars. Alternatively for a large enough print run you may consider a custom or bespoke design. The main investment here is in the tooling for the plastic case.

You won’t find cases made from recycled plastic however and so there is no eco alternative. The European Food Safety Agency governs the use of plastic packaging and especially those that meet food and drinks. For more information see: https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/topics/topic/plastics-and-plastic-recycling. Whilst there are tests underway the results are not yet fully conclusive as some food compounds or elements can react with the plastic material. The guidance for recycled plastics is that if originally used for food or drink containment then the plastic can generally be recycled but must not be used for a lower down the supply chain or an alternative function i.e. it must not be used for food or drink containment. This could change and is one of the initiatives being looked at by the EFSA about the number of plastic drinks bottles in circulation.

Mintcard Storage and Contents

Promotional mint cards keep their content fresh and have a shelf-life of between six and twelve months when stored in the correct ambient and humidity for such foods. The contents are not vacuum packed and once the seal is broken on the case, the contents should be consumed in the same time frame as you would with any other type of confectionery mint.

Each case will typically contain 40-50 mints (product dependent) and there is often a choice of filling including sugar free alternatives. The most popular type is peppermints but spearmints and other flavours including lemon may also be available.

The case itself may be a solid plastic or a frosted one and come in a range of colours. This generally provides ample opportunity to select the right colour backdrop or background onto which to print your logo and imprint. This can be a 1-2 colours or if the product allows a full digital colour imprint. Care must be taken when choosing a colour that either contrasts or compliments the corporate livery colours. Where this is not the case the best practice is to use a negative or reverse of the logo.

When it comes to logistics and distribution we pack the cards into conveniently sized boxes for transportation ease. As mint cards are so small and light they can then be easily distributed by hand as giveaways as tradeshows and exhibitions or even posted to clients as part of a marketing campaign.