Promotional Mints

Refresh your marketing efforts with promotional mints, packaged in Tins, Jars, Boxes, Cards or Containers. Promotional mints are excellent for handing out at corporate events and for use as general giveaways. Try our PVC Mint Bags or Mint Pots. For promoting a business or organisation try our Double Mint Cushion Packs or Rectangular Mint Cards. We can also supply Mentos Drops and Mentos Blister Packs. If you cannot find the right mint for your marketing promotion or you need more information, please contact us. We supply all shapes and sizes of promo mint packs including novelty designs and can organise your artwork for you. Below we list a selection of products including some product specific mint ranges.

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Branded Peppermints and Spearmints For Every Occasion

Promotional mints are one of our most popular confectionery giveaways and can be used for a wide range of marketing campaigns, events and functions. We have a huge range of mint products in all sorts of shapes and sized. One of our best sellers are promotional mint cards. What makes these so popular is that they are in handy size for easy distribution and provide a great branding space. The plastic case is also available in a wide range of colours to provide a great background for your logo and imprint either as a complimentary or contrasting background. Other popular packing options include click clack tins, mint tins and mint packs or rolls. Again easy to brand with your imprint and a great way to promote your company and organisation. Remember to check the ingredients on the product specification pages if you want a specific type of mint i.e. sugar-free.

Over the years we have supplied promotional mints for many events including both business and and personal. We provide a complete personalisation service whether it is for individually wrapped or packs or tins or cards and event dispensers, jars and bottles. Whether you need chewing gums, mint imperials, tic-tac like or extra strong in pack rolls or with twist or flow wrapping, you can rest assured that Redbows is the supplier you can trust to make sure your sweets arrive on time, to budget and printed just as you ordered them.

Why do mint-flavoured sweets taste cold? This is due to how the receptors in your mouth respond to mint or more specifically the menthol used in the sweet. The receptors signal ‘cold’ when menthol is placed onto your tongue. Menthol is a crystalline alcohol with a minty taste and odour, found in peppermint, spearmint and other natural oils. Do you know the difference between peppermint and spearmint plants? Both plant types contain methol but for peppermint the content is 40% compared to 0.05% for Spearmint. Peppermint is also an aid to digestion. As well as peppermint tea being offered most restaurants offer mints and mint chocolates to accompany an after-dinner coffee or the bill. What a great way to promote themselves.

Bespoke and Custom Mint Packs

The majority of our mint products are manufactured as plain stock items and stored ready to have your imprint applied. We also provide a bespoke or custom design service where we can look to manufacture a mint pack or card to your design. This can lead to a higher cost per unit but provide you with a mint product that is totally unique for your marketing campaign.